Cha Cha Cha Changes

Remember a while back I was telling you how I had rearranged my entire house and was going to post pictures? 
Well that is what I am doing today!
First of all, I think I have committed the Biggest Decorating NO NO Ever!!
I put my couch in front of the fireplace!!
It's not the prettiest fireplace in the world and I think I just got sick of looking at it. Also, we just got a new humongous t.v. and I didn't want it to be the first thing you see when you walked into the room.

I can't wait to decorate it all up for Christmas. I'm thinking some stockings hanging above the couch will be so cute.

For the mantel display, I just stacked a ton of books, layered in some pictures and rocks, and called it good. I also hung up a metal sun, which is made to go outside but....
 apparently I'm a rule-breaker now.

The other exciting change was that we moved the boys into one room together. In Bunk Beds!!!
I know, pretty exciting!
It was a little sad saying goodbye to Jaxon's nursery, but we needed his room for our home office.
The office was in our master bedroom before, so It's been so nice having it out of there.
Oh the Joy of small homes!
My next big project will be painting this room. 
I think I'll wait until after the holidays. That will give me time to choose a color.

I'm thinking either white, light blue, or even navy.

And the last change was to my hair. You all probably know me as a blonde, but the truth is I'm actually a Red head! And Jake wanted his Red head back.

So From Blonde to.....

PINK! (ooooops!) Then to the Salon.................

Then back to Red.
And I know you're all singing it now too... Cha Cha Cha Changes..... It's a catchy one!


  1. I love your red hair! I also liked you as a blonde. Congratulations on your changes!!

  2. I LOVE your red hair! You're so pretty, it wouldn't matter what color your hair was! The changes you made in your house look wonderful! Don't feel like it's mediocre.It's cozy and homey feeling :) Hope you're having a great day!


  3. I never would have guessed that you're a redhead, but now that I see it~of course you are! You looked great as a blond, too.

    Your house isn't mediocre at all. Look at all the wonderful things you've done so far (kitchen!)~and you're just getting started! It's something I don't think is ever done. I've been at it 24 years and I'm not even half done. :)

  4. Red definitely suits you! I dont see a mediocre house, you done a great job, and have beautiful rooms, showing your style. I love the changes, and the couch is a great focal piece.

  5. I've missed your red hair, you beautiful you.

    I love all of the changes you have made to your home. Way cute stuff, Em! You should never be intimidated. You know your house is cuter than 99% of the houses out there. Admit it. You've got skills and you know how to use them. <3

  6. Cute - I'm left in wonder as to what the 3 in your bedroom stands for!?! Obviously you don't have to tell, just letting you know :)
    And, I already told you this but I LOVE your hair! you even looked good as a Pink Head :) You are definately one of those women who look good in any color of hair... I think it's those pearly-greens of yours :) ttyl

  7. I love your current mantel display, esp. the books on their sides. Don't mind breaking the rule of hiding the fireplace--for some reason I think it works here!

  8. You look radiant in red, and not bad at all as a pink-head;) Me too, I think the couch works as is.