Picture Gallery Book Shelf

I've been craving a change of view for a while now. So yesterday I rearranged half of my house. I'm not finished yet, I have some large bookshelves to paint and a t.v. (with all of its accessories) to move. Jake tells me to,
 "live with it for a while to make sure you like it"
before he tackles the t.v. move......Probably a good idea!
I had this old shelf out on the patio holding all of our garden supplies, but I decided to bring it in and use it to display some of my favorite family pictures.
I like all of the pops of white against the browns. It feels very rustic to me. 
Perfect for fall!



  1. Looks great, Emily... like it's straight out of a catalog!!!!
    Thanks for entering my giveaway.... and for linking to it here on your blog! XO, Ashley

  2. I love the rustic shelves. So cute! I also love the cool corkboard in the last photo. Look forward to seeing your painting projects! :)

  3. I love those rustic shelves. You have arranged it so nicely. My hubby jokes about moving furniture, and moving again!, many times.

  4. Very pretty! I like the look too.
    Please keep us updated.

  5. I loved the before but that shelf with the pictures is just gorgeous!!

  6. That's beautiful, Emily! At first I thought it was an image you found in a catalogue and then I read it was your house. Beautiful! I love that shelf and the [scalloped?] details. Thanks so much for stopping by today. Did you get Natalie's play list working? Two words: Billie Holliday.

  7. Emily, i am in love with this bookshelf! Where did you find it? i found your blog by googling "painting wicker furniture" and i love it, you have incredible style!


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