My Painted House

After living in a baby blue house for 4.5 years. We finally got it painted. I'm so happy with it. It feels like I have a brand new house.

The Before:

The Color is called Rock Wall, with Apple White trim.
{Kelly Moore paint}.

I surprised myself by opening up the Huge fan deck of colors and pointed to one and said

"That's It!"
Then held my breath until I actually saw it on the house. It's difficult picturing what a 2" block of color will look like on an entire house. But it ended up being the Perfect Color.

The Backyard Before:

The Backyard After:



The Side of the house Before:

The Side of the House After:

Now it looks like I have some Landscaping work to do, to keep up with my cute little house.


  1. The new color and trim color looks great!!

  2. Picking out a house color is the scariest thing! It's all over and so hard to redo. But you did great with the choice. Looks fresh and new!

  3. Looks great, Emily!!! What a difference!!!! I am so happy for you. Enjoy it! :)

  4. FABULOUS! It's like a complete face lift for your cute little house.

  5. CUTE!!! I love it, yes it's hard to pick paint from a tiny little peice of paper, but I always try to go with my first instincts.. they never disapoint.. and looks like neither do yours :)
    I'll have to drive by and get the real effect, but it looks great in the pictures! :)

  6. It looks great! Such a cute house now!


  7. It does look like a new house! It's beautiful! I'm a friend of Natee's!

  8. I love the colour of your house now! It looks so fresh and soothing at the same time.

  9. Very nice! You seem to have a magic touch.

  10. We do improvements to make our house look better, and you succeeded. A paint can truly make a big difference. I like that you have a spacious front and backyard. The huge tree in front certainly is a nice décor; it actually gives you more design opportunities when holidays set in. However, I hope that you would maximize the use of the space left like planting more colorful flowers. Thank you for sharing!

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