I Love You Pottery Barn!

If I could live anywhere in the world....It would be in a Pottery Barn Magazine! Seriously can they do any wrong? I think Not! So I just spent my morning browsing their website and thought I'd share my favorites with ya.

This is actually a quilt that goes on a bed. What an Awesome idea to hang it on a wall.

Beautiful Bathroom, Although in reality I don't think you would want those large windows open like that for all your neighbors to see.

I'm totally contemplating painting a wall in my house this blue and hang up a gallery of pictures. It's gorgeous here but it just may be too much in my little house.

Love a white bedroom.

I really really want to see the rest of this room.

and I really really want this t.v. stand.

and I want to eat my breakfast at this table.

See what I'm saying, You totally start picturing yourself living in these rooms....Well I do at least.

I love everything about this room....But the rug and the two glass hurricane's in the background....oh wait that's just the reflection. If I lived here, I'd take them out.

And lastly, a cozy little bedroom. Just makes you want to cuddle up with good book on a chilly day.


  1. I agree, Emily. PB can do no wrong in my eyes. I am always looking through their catalogs for inspiration. I love that gallery wall. I really want to do one in my house. They make it looks easy, but I have major anxiety over getting it right. Also, that chippy looking shelf above the bed in those bedroom pics is to die for. Probably wouldn't be a great idea here in CA (earthquakes), but a girl can dream. :)

  2. Saved a bunch of these to my inspiration files. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I want to know where they get all their old suitcases! I don't think you showed one picture that I wouldn't love to copy.

    I'm with you on that living room~lose the rug and the miscellaneous accessories.

  4. Emily, I love PB too! My couch and one and a half chairs is from there as well as a few other things in my house and they have lasted and lasted! They are great!!