Barn Wood Mirror Makeover

My Bathroom mirror BEFORE was a standard full size mirror you find in most bathrooms.

I found some old wood by the side of our house. I cleaned it up, cut it (or had Jake cut it. I'm a big wimp when it comes to saw's).

I painted it the same Mid Winter Sky blue as the ceiling. If you try this at home, remember to paint both sides of the wood because of the reflection on the back side.

I sanded it down really good with my little hand sander.

Then I used liquid nails to attach it to the mirror. ( I used duck tape to hold it in place while the glue dried.

I also made this Beach well as a few more. I'll show them to you another day.

I came across this cute mirror today. I'm sure you've already seen it. Life in the fun lane used driftwood, and attached it to her mirror.
Both are easy to do and make a standard mirror look more interesting.


  1. Oh, my gosh Emily! I love that! The texture and the color are just perfect in there.

    Good job!

  2. I love the barn wood. That is really what I was hoping for to use in the new bath but I don't have cool wood like that here :( I love the color too.

  3. Love,Love,Love the barn wood frame!

  4. Love the barn wood! It looks great, and thanks for the play by play! You make it sound so easy ;-)