A New Light for the Entry

I'm In Love With My New Light Fixture!
I had Jake hang it for me last weekend.....He's the Best!

Here is the old one. It just looked like it belonged in my grandmas house. So we were in the market for a new one. Then One day Jake and I were in Ikea. Like usual he stayed behind with the kids and grabbed lunch in the cafeteria, while I went on ahead and shopped..... Like I said, He's the Best! When we met up at the end, we both had mentioned to each other this light fixture that we saw and liked.
So we went back and got it. Great minds think alike!

It looks perfect in our entryway. Not too Big. Not too Small.
There's my Abby Dog.... I told ya, she loves to sneak into my photos. She's kinda a camera snob that way.

On my stool is my cute new little clutch. I picked it up at a yard sale. Brand new with the tags still on it. And I got it for .50 cents, Yahoo!
This last weekend and probably for the week ahead, I've been remodeling my bath. So stay tuned for the big reveal to come.


  1. love both the light AND the yard-sale-clutch :)

  2. love the light--perfect choice! And what a sweet hubby.