Lavender Fields Forever

I Love Sundays!

Yesterday was a beautiful day, we packed the kids in the car and went for a drive to The Lavender Festival in Nampa, ID. It took a while to find it, we had bad directions, but after a fun game of Left? or Right? we found a road from the map and then we were back on track. 
Isn't getting there, half the fun anyway?
It was Gorgeous! 
And the smell was incredible.
They hand you a pair of scissors, a twist tie, then let you pick a Wicker basket from the pile.
You get to cut your own bouquet of Lavender for $6. I was having a great time.
Jake, Liam and Jaxon had a good time too.

The Lavender was covered in Bee's. This normally would have scared me away, but I was in a state of bliss. I had on my blue Sundress. The live band was playing Led Zeppelin songs. My boy's were under a tree, drinking Lavender Lemonade. So I just swoosh those little bee's away. Besides, I didn't hear any screams from the fields, so I figured they must be "nice bee's".
This sweet little purple bicycle was just hanging out under a tree.

That's Me, and my bushel of Lavender.

What a perfect, Sunday afternoon!


  1. Beautiful pics! Sounds like a great place to go on a lazy afternoon!
    I'm a new follower!

  2. It was "Lavender Days" in Utah this weekend too!

  3. Could you be any cuter?! I think not. Your pictures are beautiful.

  4. Okay, weird...we have a lot in common. Can't wait to read more! I think we have the same kitchen, one of my boys is Liam (I have two, too), and I have super-long blond hair. Nice to find you blog! Julie

  5. GORGEOUS. Sounds like such a great day. And I have a Liam too! :)