Farmstyle dining

My Dining Room... or The Other side of my Kitchen.

Does a dining room have to be it's own separate room? maybe I should call this my eat-in kitchen. ??

Anyway, I still haven't painted it. I'm still deciding on a color. It's a whole big process for me. I'm also thinking I want to paint the table and chairs. But in the meantime, I have changed a few things in the room and thought I'd share. I'm going for that whole Farmhouse style.  It's slowly getting there.

I wrapped rope around some plates because I thought it would be a unique way of hanging them.
 I also added the little shelves on each side of the window.
I hung beach mats in the window to look like bamboo blinds.
I'm pretty resourceful that way.

My new little cilantro plant, I have high hopes for this one!

I also just wanted to share my new white pillow and  wood crate I picked up Pottery Barn during their awesome 4th of July sale.
I've been eyeing this pillow for months. And it just happened to be their last one....and only 11 bucks!!  So It was meant to be mine. I was very happy!

They both make a great addition to my dining room.....I mean eat-in kitchen.


  1. Hi Emily! Your dining room (or eat-in kitchen) looks great! I love the rope around the hanging plates, I will have to remember that! It definitely has that "farmhouse feel"...great job!


  2. Emily, your room looks gorgeous! You are one clever chicken, I love the ideas you've used to make your home so lovely and personal. And the use of beach mats - genius! K xx

  3. What a gorgeous blog you have & I love you 4th July Bargains!! :))

  4. I love-love-love your pottery barn crate! Ok, I had a dream a while back that you and I remodeled grandma Nora's house. Can you just see the potential her little farmhouse has? It'd be gold!

  5. Natee, haven't I ever told you how badly I want to move to Manti and live in Grandma Noras house...... I already have it all decorated in my head. I'll tottally let you help too. Hope your dream comes true!

  6. New to your blog! Found through a comment you left at My Sweet Savannah. Your house is adorable. And I have to say, I love how you used beach mats on your windows!!!! :)


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