A Cottage Makeover

In the introduction to this blog, I talked about the little yellow bungalow I saved up and bought, when I was 21 years old.

Here she is:
Not the cutest house ever, but she was ALL mine. It was a fun little place to live for a while. Located in a cute little neighborhood in Salt Lake City, UT. Walking distance to Liberty park. I shared it with my best friend for most of the time I lived there. I got my dad to help re-wall two of the old, uneven plastered walls, as well as put in a new kitchen floor. I painted the inside walls and added a few new lights. But the truth is, that little house needed a lot of work and money put into it. Definitely more then I could do myself. I only lived there for a couple years, then got married and sold it (making a great little profit I should add). I have to say, It looked a lot better when I sold it, from when I bought it.
Over the 4th of July I was in town visiting family, when I found myself in my old neighborhood, so I decided to drive by my old home.

This is what she looks like now:
So Cute! Wouldn't you agree? I was sooo Thrilled to see that the new owners fixed her up and are taking such good care of her. I almost drove right by. I hardly recognized my old house! I Love the Blue door. And that tree is new.....Actually Everything is new. 
But I do remember that rose bush.
I wanted so badly to go knock on the door and ask the owners for a tour.....but I restrained myself.
I'm sure it is just as cute on the inside as it is on the outside.


  1. What a cute little house! I love the extra roof bit the new owners have added, it's given it that bit extra hasn't it. And I agree, the blue door is so cute! What a lovely first house to have had!

  2. I always thought that little house had major potential. You could have given it that magic touch too if you had deeper pockets. You are so very talented sister.