Beachy Bathroom

Here is my tiny little Master Bathroom.

And here is my homemade seashell mobile, that I blogged about in my last post HERE.

I painted the little plant stand blue. 
 I also painted the flower pot white, which is totally pealing off, but I like it. And then I glued little seashells onto it. 
I think my little plant has a wild side!

I hung a shelf above the toilet, which holds small baby food jars filled with sand and a tea light candle.  I added some sea shells to the shelf as well.

I love the way the light sparkle in the mirror.. it makes for a very relaxing shower (unfortunately no bathtub in this bathroom...yet)

We did put in a new little light.

My husband tore out the old shower and put in and tiled this new one.

He added these great little shelves. They hold more of my cool rock soap from Backyard Birds (located in Salt Lake City, UT)

I love the blue tile, I think it's so cute. My Jake sure did a fantastic job, I'm very proud of him.

This is what the bathroom looked like before:
OK, So if you were wondering where my sink is, Well....... I almost didn't post this, because it's  so embarrassing. 
Have a look for yourself.

Yup, that's the sink there behind the my bedroom! So ever since we moved in, we've wanted to remodeled it. Put in a big tub, a pedestal sink, a bigger closet and a wall. It's taking a long time to get there because it is such a huge project.

And because I'm always looking for the easiest and cheapest way out of things, I've come up with some Bathrooms in the Bedroom inspiration.

I'm in love with this one.

found on ratemyspace by tgr3gory

Hopefully, One day!

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