Decorating with Maps

Last Sunday my little family did what we normally do once A month on a Sunday.... Took a little walk over to the book store. I grab me an ice mocha and a big stack of decorating magazines, and go plop myself down in a big comfy chair, while Jake and the boys......... well I can't actually tell you what they go and do. I'm usually lost in my own little world by then.


They were everywhere in these magazines! I was totally inspired. So the first thing I did after our walk home, was dig through my travel file. I keep maps and brochure's of the places I've been or where I'd like to one day go.

I put up my favorite one on my bulletin board. It's of the Oregon Coast. I totally want to live there one day. It's such an awesome place, so this way I can get more familiar with the area, Right?

Here are some other beautiful and creative uses of Maps:

Steven Gambrel

Coastal Living

Wallpaper by Ralph Lauren

Better Homes and Gardens

Domino. Adrian Grenier's home

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  1. I love maps too. I made some map pinboards for my son's room and he puts pins in to show all the countries or places he has visited.

  2. Hi there!! I'm from Mid-Century Homes,I was really amazed with your decorating ideas it was totally brilliant