Jax's Room

Meet Jaxon

Jax is 1 &1/2. He's my little Giggle Monster. Jax loves playing with his big brother, Liam. He enjoys going to the park, slides and sandboxes, balls, bath time and llullaby's.
This is Jax's Room:

I painted the 08 because Jax was born on the 8th of 2008 so I figure it must be his Lucky number. Plus I thought it made the room feel Sporty.

I painted an old dresser white, then I hung some old licence plates that I found in the garage above it.

I made this whimsical mobile by using a wire hanger, rope, paper alligators, and some drift wood.

A comfy old chair is used for Story Time.

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  1. Hi Emily! I'm glad that you became a follower of my blog, because I found your wonderful blog! I absolutely love your little Jax's room! It is the perfect boys room, without being too "baby". And you are too beautiful! Have a great weekend :)

  2. Hi Emily! I'm so happy you found me, because now I've found yoU! :) I LOVE your blog!! I've only read a couple of posts so far, and I'm hooked :) Your little Jaxon's room is so adorable! I love everything you've done!

    Can't wait to look around some more...