Island Style Living Room

I like to decorate my home in an Island / tropical style even though I live no where near the ocean.
It's fun to pretend!

 In the entry way I've hung up my seashell mirror, a straw bag, a green sun hat and a bunch of vacation photos.

I covered my couch in a bunch of mix-matched pillows, including some tropical pattern ones.

One side of the room is fun and colorful, but the other side is pretty boring.

I'm working on bring in some more color,  I'm thinking I need some fun colorful curtains.

This desk was a freebie from a neighbor, which I painted white and added on some wicker knobs.
I made the bulletin board by painting an old frame white and just popping in a perfect sized bulletin board. 

I love my wooden bowl full of pictures.

There is a story behind this marlin. It along with most of the cool stuff in my house came from Uncle Trace. He had what I call a mansion but sold it to live in a smaller home in the mountains. Therefore I totally scored on everything he didn't have room for. Anyway, the nose on the marlin had busted off and Trace had it set aside to glue back on. Well you see, one day I was helping him clean up and threw away this stick thing I found. So now the poor fishy has no nose, and nobody will let me ever forget why.

After seeing this photo above, I really really want to paint the marlin white, but Jake won't let me. I forgot to mention Uncle Trace caught the fish.. So its kinda special. But I'm not giving up. One day that marlin WILL be white. Besides I don't know what the big deal is. It's already missing its nose.


  1. Ah, just paint the Marlin white already! See how long it takes for Jake to notice. I really like your "neutral" side of the room. Heaven knows I'm not afraid of color (we're painting our main level 'Celery Green') but there is something so fresh and calming about white/cream/tan colored rooms. If I thought I could keep them clean (which I would never be able to) I'd absolutely buy white sofas.

    Oh, and I love your Chateau message board too! Cute, cute stuff Em.

  2. I just love what you can do to a room! I really like how you mix up the pillows here, I want to do something similar...

  3. The Marlin ...
    I can understand you wanting to paint it White, it looks amazing there over that Lounge but I can picture your Original in a White Room, showing Pride of Place .... The colours in yours are amazing, it just needs to be the Focal Point... LUCKY YOU !!!
    Dale (Australia)

  4. I say leave it!! I love the blue accents it adds to your wall, they are GORGEOUS colors of blue!!


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