Extior Dreams for The Wicker House

Wicker: A flexible plant branch or twig, as of a willow, used in weaving baskets or furniture.
I named this blog the wicker house after the huge willow tree in my front yard. Also, looking around one day I realized I own a lot of wicker pieces; baskets, bags, furniture, etc. I think I just love it for of it's natural beauty and its golden honey and rye colors.

We bought our little blue single family home 4 years ago. We originally thought it would be a starter home for us, but with the way the market is today it looks like we will be here for a while. Which I guess is ok, It motivates me to fix it up, and make it Ours.

And the truth is, I would be very sad to leave this house. See that 4 month old baby in the picture... We'll he's now 4 years old, with a little brother. This house is full of precious memories!

[ The back yard]

Ok so it's been a little bit of a fixer-upper. Mostly just in desperate need of some TLC. I'll be posting lots of pictures of the changes I have made to it.
Unfortunately, the front of the house still looks about the same, we've wanted to paint it ever since we bought it. We've gotten some estimates.. it's pretty pricey. But one day...... It might just look something like this:

or this.

I love the grey with white trim, the carriage garage doors, the stone walk way, the beautiful landscaping with climbing roses, and of course we'll have a little white picket fence.

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  1. Beautiful Dreams!
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