White brick fireplace

This is the fireplace that came with the house. 
Therefore, second on the To Do list was to paint it. Nothing against the brick, the room just felt super dark. We also took out the wood burning stove.

I Love having a really big fireplace in the room.
But we're not too attached to the brick.  I'd like to cover half of it up and add some molding and a big chunky wood mantel.  Or Jake's idea is to cover it up in river rock. But since we really haven't decided what to do with it yet, painting it for now was the easiest option.

I just used a water base, White Latex paint, but that's only because that's what I had on hand.  I'm sure a professional would tell you to use a fire resistant paint.  It's not a problem for us now since I'm too scared to have a fire with my little ones running around.  But one day I would like to start using it,  so I'll probably need to put a  special treatment on it.

The Best part of having a fire place is decorating the mantel.  I tend to re-decorate mine every couple of months.  So I have decided to keep a little log for every time I change it.
 Have a Look at my mantels past.
  a little nautical

A little whimsical.

Halloween 2009
Black, white and simple

 Summer 2010

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  1. I love your Beach Cottage look. Crisp and clean and natural looking is what I'm all about. I also love your photographs. So much talent sista!
    I'm not sure I agree with that "Rate My Space" commenter. Seriously, I love pictures/paintings above the fireplace. Do stocking hung on the fireplace equate to burnt Christmas'?
    You know what would also be fun to do with your fireplace? Frame it with a heavy crowned molding mantle. If you've got the tools, you could make one fairly easily. At least that's what I read online.

  2. VErY Amazing! I love what you have done! a million times better than the before picture. I have taken a few feng shui classes and have never heard that one before! pictures in themselves are a fire element (fire can burn fire!) I think it's wonderful! -Lesa Bowers

  3. Hello...love all your creativeness! Your home is beautiful! I have a brick fireplace and want to paint it white too. Was wondering what type of paint you used and if there was any prep before you painted it? Thanks for your help! And keep up the great work!