When I was 21 years young, I saved up and bought my first home. It was a little yellow bungalow built in 1910. My father who is a contractor could have killed me.... Old homes need lots of work! But somehow I still got him to re-drywall two of the old uneven plastered walls and put in a new kitchen floor. I painted the interior, hung a few new lights but that's all I could really afford or take on at that time. Although looking back, I have lots of ideas for that little house. I only lived there for a few years and then sold it. I got married, moved to an apartment in Ohio, where all we really had was a couch and a bed and that's about it. That was 8 years ago so to look around our home now at how much stuff we have, Its Crazy!!
From that time to now, I think I've learned a lot about my style (which isn't really any particular style at all). I'm a little eclectic, a little beachy, a little shabby. All I really know is what I like and what I'm drawn to. I love farmhouses and cottages, I love white ( I always want to paint everything white) I'm inspired by the seaside. I love blue's and green's. I love Wicker! And other natural elements like wood, plants, seashells, etc. I love rusty old metal, I love photos hung all over the walls, I love stripes. I love digging through yard sales and flea markets for "treasures". Really I just love casual, clean, unique, creative spaces that have a real lived-in loved look.

I think your home should grow with you. Tell a story. change with the seasons, the weather, your mood, your cherished treasures and the places you've been. I love to see old pictures of my home. I'm so proud at how far it has come, and I'm so excited to see where it can go.

The reason for this blog is to capture the journey. I want to share my home and ideas and hopefully inspire others.

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  1. I am so excited that you gt your blog up and running. YAY! I will totally be stalking it 30 times a day.
    I'm very plain-Jane when it comes to decorating. I like crisp clean lines and all of my decor has to be functional and have a purpose (no fru-fru or clutter), but I also love the beach house/cottage look and lots of color. (Although, when I do my paint projects, everything usually ends up either white or black.) I've got a few projects lined up during my summer break. (Reupholstering some awesome chairs I scored online and texturing/painting my living room in celery green.) I will definitely be calling you for advice. I wish you could come to Utah and help guide me through it. You have wonderful ideas and are so uber-talented. Love and adore you AND your blog!